About Us

Our mission is to create fantastic designs you want to wear whilst making donations to organisations that we care about. Interested in apparel that gives?...Read on citizen!

10% Donation to Nonprofits

Every purchase made through the site, citizen U will donate 10% of the item price to that associated non-profit to help support their community work in developing parts of the world. Why 10% you might be wondering? This is a new project, and to balance off the running costs of this business. We’d rather maintain steady donations to our partners over the long term and make this venture sustainable. You can of course donate directly to our partners, read here about our current partners. 

Don’t Sweat it!

We’ve selected suppliers that are anti-sweatshop and care about their workforce, whilst this comes at a premium we hope you’ll value this choice. Bella + Canvas have factories in United States and Central America with good standards ensuring employees are treated ethically. They also do the same for the environment with processes reducing landfill and utilising solar energy generation at factories. Read more here and learn about their WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification.

The Origins

After volunteering and working for a Peruvian NGO, citizenU founder Stuart (aka citizenStu) was thinking of ways the NGO could diversify their donations to support their electrification of rural Peruvian communities. WindAid Institute had always wanted to have an online shop, but lacked the time and staff to develop one. CitizenU offers small organisations an e-commerce partnership with no financial investment on their part, we manage the designs, orders and the shop, leaving them to concentrate on impact.

Are you a non-profit or know of one that would be interested in being a partner? Get in touch through our contact page.